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Final package, coffee with a "new" friend, graduation affirmations, and Van's 50th...

I got the final package that I needed to send in the mail today, and it was small enough to mail first class—meaning it will arrive by Tuesday. Life is good.

I met Nacia (bluglass) at Helios today at 1:00, and we had great conversation over a caramella, a latte, and some humus and pita chips. Life continues to be good.

I wanted to capture these two graduation card sentiments and affirmations:

Front: Congrats! (multi-colored, glittered lettering)

Inside: Dearest John,

I know how much this means to you. You deserve the very best and you worked hard to achieve it. I am very proud of you. Also, thought I would throw a little extra "
sparkle" your way, as if you need it, my favorite "doll!"

All my love and admiration,

Front: You're the star!

Inside: John,

Congratulations! Today you are the star. I am so proud of you for pursuing and completing your Master's degree. You are too bright not to have one! Now, you get a short break, then on to a PhD. :-) Every family needs 2 doctors!!

Yes, today you are the star, but always remember that you are a star—a BIG BRIGHT ONE—every day in my life.

Congrats & I love you,

Am I surrounded by the best people in my life, or what? Life is the best.

Robert arrived at around 7:45, and we left for Van's 50th at about 8:30.

It was a fun enough party. Bill and I got to cackling as we usually do, and at one point our cheeks were hurting from laughing too much again.

Once home, Robert and I did last Monday's N&O crossword puzzle. That puzzle is usually just challenging enough, but definitely not what we'd call difficult.
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