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Filthy dirty glasses, a just-in-time package, moving my office, and a worthy end-of-year donation...

Just plain disgusting... not to mention a total health hazard:

I ran by Target, where I picked up the rest of my photos, a mailing box, some brown paper mailing wrap, and some packaging tape.

In my IBM office, I found the mailing box too big, but substituted it with another one laying around my office. I crinkled up paper designated for the recycle bin to act as protection filler for the three picture frames I put in the box, as well as packing peanuts and some air pillow protection bags. In addition to the three framed pictures, a 60-photo photo album was included in the box, along with a loose 8x10 photo, a photo calendar, and a copy of my holiday letter.

I was resigned to the fact that it would be too late to get this to my aunt an uncle by Christmas, so was pleasantly surprised that for 12 bucks, I could still get a 2-day delivery. Sweet.

I spent a couple of hours moving from my 2nd floor office to my new 4th floor office, which included going through—and getting rid of—a lot of stuff that I'll be sure to need in the new year. Oh well.

I didn't put anything away or even set up my workstation. I just got everything up there, and headed out of RTP to beat the rush hour traffic on I-40. I'll deal with all of it next year. :-)

I've been reading Real Live Preacher's blog for about a year now, and the guy has really impressed me—and those of you who know me, know that I'm not at all religious.

He's never asked for money before, but recently posted (most reticently) that he needed $950 to make a trip to the Dominican Republic to help install a water purification system—a trip to which he'd committed some time ago, but now finds himself short of the money necessary to get there.

He was amazed at the response, and in reading it, I was inspired to make a year-end donation myself. If you still need to make a charitable donation in 2007, this would be a great cause. You can read about the response to his shout out for help here. There's a link to the donation page and at the bottom of that page you can see all the people who have donated, and their good wishes. Heartwarming.

I finally washed those "big items" (i.e., the Tupperware cake container, the Tupperware vegetable server, and my cheese board and glass cover) that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher, and got them out of the way.

I think I may take a trip out to the Trailer Park at midnight, so I'll go ahead and post this now. Sweet dreams.

I stayed in instead and read some more of The Turn of the Screw. Oh glorious reading for pleasure.
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