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Graduation day!

I was up and at 'em early this morning, as I had (too much) running around to do before graduation at 1:30 today.

I ran by the church in which we were graduating to make sure I knew where it was for later today, to scope out the parking situation around it, and to be able to give Robert good directions to it.

Next, I went back to the Target at North Hills to pick up my 8x10s and 5x7s. Grumpy was working again, and was having "computer problems"—to the extent of ignoring customers trying to get someone on the phone to help him fix it.

After a few minutes, I said to one of the two "customer service" reps (who weren't even noticing customers, much less servicing them), who were just to the left folding boxes and "cleaning up" while the line formed at Photo, "Can someone help me with my photos, while he tries to get his computer fixed?"

My 8x10s and 5x7s were ready, but the 46 other 4x6 prints I sent at 11PM last night were not. Grrrr!

While I was waiting, it occurred to me that the 5x7 photos I'd printed were all landscape orientation, which meant they wouldn't work in the frames I'd bought for them, as I got the kind that are two-connected-together that swing open and shut. Those will only accommodate portrait orientation pictures, so I went back to the frame section and bought four standalone 5x7 frames that match the 8x10 frames I'd bought yesterday. Fortunately they had (exactly) four of them, and none of them were scratched.

Next, I dropped by home and sent Robert an e-mail with directions and suggestions about parking, and then I ran over to Cost Cutters and got my haircut. Not a moment too soon.

Vivian arrived at about 10:30, and we left for the graduation ceremony at about 12:30. Robert arrived shortly after we did. Vivian became the "gown and hood fixer" for all there of us graduating from the program: Milton Hawes, Jason Winter, and myself.

The ceremony was short, but sweet, and we had some refreshments at a nice little reception afterwards put on by the faculty over in Caldwell Hall. Very nice.

Master of Science in Technical Communication
December 19, 2007

Vivian, Robert, and I went over to the Village Draft House in Cameron Village for a couple of "adult" beverages, and some appetizers. They both gave me the sweetest cards. It meant a lot that both of them were there with me.

Dancing was pretty festive tonight. We had a lot of dancers, and the crowd was pretty decent, too. I got a free drink "on Flex" for graduating, and lots of congratulations from people as Robert told everyone as we came across them that I had graduated today. :-) Sweet man.
Tags: accomplishments, affirmations, bar talk, dancing, exercise, family, friends, grad school, self-pics

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