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Holiday letters and cards done, and my official last grade arrives...

I uploaded a bunch of pictures to Shutterfly, and then sent them to print at Target. Due to the quantity, they won't be ready until tomorrow. I printed two copies of each—these are from my Labor Day weekend trip, and I'm making two albums, one for my parents and one for my aunt and uncle.

Kevin and Kurt drove my car and followed me in Robert's car to take Robert's car back to his place in Durham. I thought this might save him close to an hour's time tonight, since his flight is getting in fairly late, and he has to work early in the morning.

I completed an "edited" version (cutting out a piece of family drama) of my holiday newsletter. It's all set to print now, both versions, which I'll do later today.

I addressed 45 envelopes for my letters, and then wrote out 27 cards to people who aren't getting "the letter."

I picked up Robert at 10:30, and took him to his place. He brought me back some Wisconsin cheese, and I was an ungrateful little tart, so I sent him an apologetic e-mail once home.

I stuffed 45 letters into envelopes, and had to put two pieces of scotch tape on the back of each one as the envelopes wouldn't seal. Annoying.

I put return addresses on all of those, and they're all set to go to the post office in the morning.

My final paper for ENG 636 Verbal Data Analysis was returned today, and the grade was, "Pass."

It's official. I'll graduate in two days.

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