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My holiday newsletter, some gay celebs, a drag show, and a game of Galaga...

Today, while working on my annual holiday letter, which has turned into an actual newsletter this year with a title of The Martin Chronicles no less, but I digress...

So anyway, I was working on it and looked up, and there sat a guy on a stool by the window reading a book called, How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent, a book I've never heard of. And I thought, "Gosh, I can read anything I want to now," and it made me smile. No more grad school reading!

I evidently missed the memo about Suze Orman. Quite the list of open gay celebrities.

I spent the entire afternoon at Helios, where, as I said above, I worked on my holiday letter. Kevin (av8rdude) joined me for a few hours, and at 5:00, he and I met Joe at my house, where we head a mini-feeding frenzy scarfing down a bunch of party leftovers. Yay!

I tried to take a nap to no avail, so got up and finished up my holiday newsletter. Yay!

I met Kurt and Kevin at Legends for the 12:30 show: Ebony Summers emcee, Stephanie Scott, Dana St. James, and Kirby Colby performing.

For part of the show, I played a game of Galaga over on the View side of the bar, and surpassed the high score showing of 58,000 with my own score of 89,000. Got my quarter's worth at least.

The show ended at 1:10, and we all headed home.
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