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A lazy Saturday... and I totally deserve it...

Oh glorious sleep!

I had a totally lazy day today, catching up my blog entries from Thursday and Friday, and running a couple of loads through the dishwasher to incrementally clean up from the party.

We only had five dancers tonight, including Rick, Herman, Carl, Michael, and myself. Herman only knows a couple of dances, Rick doesn't do a lot of them, and Michael didn't show up until about 10:00. That meant for a good majority of the dances, it was the Carl and John show.

There was a guy there named Ray, who was sort of moving along to our dances on the side, smiling a lot, and seemed to be "getting into it." He came up to me afterwards and said, "I just love the way you dance." Very kind. Turns out he used to dance in the old CCs days, and on the sidelines he was trying to remember some of the dances we were doing.

Even though the bar was not at all crowded—in fact, the "hosts" for the evening, the Kodiaks, hadn't even showed up yet, Brigner had us stop the dancing right at 10:30.

I stayed for a little while, and ended up talking with a guy named Keith, who I had been watching most of the night, while he at first sat and watched pool, and then played Marcus. He turned out to be a cocky little bastard, and one of those people who has moved here somewhat recently, and could only talk about how the place doesn't compare to Minneapolis and DC—two of his previous residences.

After hearing him complain and be negative long enough, I moved up to speak with (Ameriprise) Rob, who was with a friend from Wilmington, and another guy who I'd never seen before. They turned out to be John (from Wilmington) and Glen (from Cary).

They all left for CCs at around midnight, and I went home.
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