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ITIM in the news, an a Capella medley, and final papers...

Over this past year, when you've read here that I've been "editing away," it's the writers of the printed help manuals and guides, the product contextual help, and the online information centers associated with this product whose work I've spent the most time editing this year:

Press Release

IBM Strengthens Security Portfolio With New Identity Management Software

Wednesday December 12, 8:53 am ET ARMONK, NY--(MARKET WIRE)--Dec 12, 2007 -- IBM (NYSE:IBM - News) today further bolstered its risk management portfolio with the announcement of new security software designed to help clients manage user access to sensitive company information and simplify the process of compliance management.  Click to read the rest of the story...

This is a nice a Capella medley of holiday songs, not to mention some cute, cute men singing them. (If you go for that sort of thing. And I do, Blanche, I do go for that sort of thing.) [This is safe for work.]

I worked all day up until 4:30 on my final ENG 636 Verbal Data Analysis paper, and then met with Jason to have my Chi-Square Test for Independence results 1) verified and 2) explained to me. He caught one math error—thank goodness.

After that, I took a break from that paper, and I added in the citations to my final paper for ENG 515 Rhetoric of Science and Technology, which I wasn't going to do until Friday, but I wanted it done.

Once that was done, I tried to use Wolfware to submit it. This is the second time I've tried to use Wolfware without having a good experience. I couldn't tell when it was done if my papers had actually been submitted. There was no submit button. It allowed you to upload up to five (I think it was) files with an upload button, which I used and uploaded the three files that comprised my paper.

The only thing left on the screen after that was a "Submit another assignment?" button. I would have expected a button that said "Submit" to actually do something with the three files I just uploaded. Maybe uploading them means they are submitted.

Obviously the designers of this software have never read Donald Norman's The Design of Everyday Things. Affordances? Hello? User Feedback? Hello?

After that it was back to my paper for five hours, followed by an hour putting my presentation together in PowerPoint.

Tomorrow, I have to spend the whole day actually putting the results and summary into the paper itself. Right now the results are spread out across a dozen printed pages and sprinkled within the presentation.
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