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A PostSecret video, presentation preparation all day, and some free pool...

Two favorite entries from PostSecret today:

This is the first video entry of a secret, and as it says on their web site, "it's haunting":

I worked on my presentation of my final paper, which I'm giving tomorrow night in our last class, after which we're all going out drinking, including the professor.

It's in a pretty good place—that is to say, I'm satisfied with it.

I met Joe at Helios for about 10 minutes, where I borrowed back the laptop I've loaned him in order to download Josh Groban's version of O Holy Night into my iTunes, and then synced up my iPod.

Karaoke was dead tonight, with the same three people, basically, rotating through songs with one or two newbies slipping in now and then. 

Freakazoid brought in his own CD and get this—it's a first—sheet music from which to sing two songs, during which he tossed each page to the floor as he finished it.

People! This is karaoke. At Flex.

Joe and I did play several games of free pool. Yay!
Tags: bar talk, coffee shops, homework

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