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A final paper, a fun party with hot men (well thoughts about hot men, anyway)...

I spent all day on my final paper for ENG 515 Rhetoric of Science and Technology, and finished it up around 5:30. Well, the writing's finished—I can edit something to death, so that remains to be seen. And, I have to do all the citation work for it.

Here's the title: Strategic Rhetorical Language in the Argument Between the Biological versus Sociological Etiology of Homosexuality. It's a mouthful.

We got to Ben and Dale's house for their Christmas Party, where we found their new place decorated to the nines—including a revolving Christmas Tree.

They had great delectables, and we met two sisters (RGs) with whom Robert, myself, and Joe sat in the living room and compared notes on which male movie or TV stars we considered hot.  The final consensus was that we could all go to a Hollywood Party and find someone we wanted without moving in on the other person's "territory."

My leading candidates were (hover for name if you don't recognize someone):

Hmmmm. Do these guys have anything in common at all?

We left the party at about 9:30, and once home, Robert and I worked on a crossword puzzle before lights out.
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