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Homework, class, and dancing...

I worked on my final paper for Rhetoric of Science and Technology today, and was pleasantly surprised by how it progressed.

Before I knew it, it was 4:30, and time to shower and head to class.

Our penultimate Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was good tonight. Both Andrews presented, as well as Lindsay and Nate.

At the end of class, I respectfully requested to be the last presenter on Monday, and I announced the STC Happy Hour on Friday from 6:00-8:00 at the Village Draft House.

After class, I spent 15 minutes with Andrew A. showing him how to use SurveyBuilder.

Though I had intended not to, I ended up going dancing tonight, since I had made better-than-expected progress on my paper today.

Bill and I both pulled up at the same time, and he seemed genuinely happy to see that I was there, as I had sent an e-mail to both him and Van earlier in the day saying I wouldn't make it. An affirmation. Recorded as such.

The bar was deader than a bowling pin in the gutter tonight.  I left at about 10:40.

At home I created an e-vite for our STC Leadership Holiday Gathering at my house next Friday.
Tags: affirmations, bar talk, dancing, eng515, exercise, grad school, homework, stc

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