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Half full, humming words, a disappointing dinner, an optional class, and a gab about graduation...

Of all the years I've been buying 12-packs of canned soda, I've never had this happen: One of the cans in my current pack is only half full. There are no leaks or anything; it just didn't get filled up. Since it's the only time that something like this has happened to me over all this time, I guess that says something about quality control, at least.

I worked from home this morning and went into the office at lunch time.

Not long after I was there, I was informed by the building admin person that I'd be moving—from my current office on the second floor to a new one on the fourth floor, where I'll also be getting an officemate. Fortunately, he's someone in my department whom I really like, and who is personable and easy to work with.

In an instant message exchange we had today, when I said to him, "Lucky for you, I only come up into this hole about twice a month," he replied, "Well, me too. So, we may never see each other."

"Off and running..."

 A reporter in an NPR news story I heard in the car said, "And here in Thailand, every single person can hum the words to that song."

Okay, here's the deal. You hum tunes, and you sing words. You can't hum the words.


1. (verb) to sing with the lips closed and without articulation
2. (verb) to give forth a low continuous blend of sound

I met Robert for dinner, and gave him my 21" monitor that's been duly replaced with my new 24" flat-screen.

We ate at C&H in Durham, which overall, I would say was disappointing. I had Veal Parmesan, which tasted fine, but would never be my first choice for a meal. Robert had trout, which didn't taste fresh to him.

I returned to my IBM office after dinner, where I worked on homework up until class.

I attended our optional ["Only come if you need some help or feedback on your progress."] Verbal Data Analysis class tonight, and I had a pageful of things to ask Jason about. It was a good conversation, and it helped me to be able to move forward with my final paper.

I had a hysterical multiple e-mail conversation with my sister today about graduation, in which she perseverated about my graduation. I went from being totally lackadaisical about graduation to being a total wreck about it!
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