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Like, you say like too much; trip planning; and drinks and dinner at Stool Pigeons...

Today at Helios, this couple took the table behind me, where it was impossible not to overhear their conversation. They were two divorced—but young—people meeting for the first time.

For the first 15 minutes or so of the conversation, they both talked exclusively about their ex-es. I thought the guy was much better looking than the girl. I know, myself, after 5 minutes, max, I would have said to her, "Like, I gotta go." She must have said "like"100 times in that five minutes.

After a while Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt joined me, and when I told them the story, Kurt pointed me to this, like, 45-second clip.

After that, Kurt pointed me to this obituary:

Enormous F. Little

IRON STATION - Enormous F. Little, 57, died Nov. 24, 2007. The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007, at Tucker's Grove United Methodist Church, with burial in the church cemetery. The family will be at the church one hour prior to the service. Ebony & White's Funeral Service is in charge of arrangements.

Published in the Hickory Daily Record on 11/28/2007.


Joe arrived after that, and we made our reservations for our Orlando trip in January, where we are going to meet his sister's family for a weekend when his two nieces' marching band is going to be in the Disney Main Street Parade. Joe has never been to Disney World. I love going there with someone who is there for the first time.

When we finished taking care of that, we walked across the street to have Bloody Marys and appetizers at Stool Pigeons, where all of their food is half-price on Sundays, which we had learned earlier from Kevin and Kurt. Their Bloody Marys were killer, and only $4.50 to boot.

I went home after that and was disappointed to not have received an e-mail response from my professor yet on my Chi Square Test question. Oh well. I took advantage of the opportunity to get to bed early, to get a fresh start in the morning.
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