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Memories of Adam, Chi square tests and dancing...

Today is World AIDS Day. Hugs to my beautiful friend Adam who died in August of 2002.

I spent the majority of the day holed up in the NCSU campus library, where I had hoped to get a key to one of the two Graduate Student Study Rooms, but both of them were booked all afternoon—with the current occupants continuously "renewing" their keys every two hours. Bastards.

Oh well.  I found an available carrell by a window on the sixth floor and worked on my ENG 583 Verbal Data Analysis final paper, starting off with such fascinating things as doing the Chi Square Test of Homogeneity on my data, which just confirmed what I already knew—my calculations were done by a homosexual. See for yourself:

Next on the exciting agenda was the Chi Square Test of Independence, which I actually got stuck on, and had to put in an e-mail to my professor about. 

At one point in the afternoon in the library, I used the restroom, and they had new signs on the wall about the "new" way to cough and sneeze to avoid spreading germs.

It wasn't a picture of a bus of course, but the message on the flier on the wall in the bathroom was: Do it into your arm, not into your hand, like we used to do it "in the old days."

I first learned about this only back in July, when I did that conference session with my sister and our friend Clyde. He teaches pre-school or kindergarten, and I had asked him, "What in the word do you teach kids that young?" (Not having any kids or being around them, I never know at what age kids learn what things.)

In the course of his description of a typical day, he had mentioned teaching them hand-washing ("with warm water, for at least 20-seconds"), and then "sneezing or coughing into their arm, of course."

I got home at just after 7:30 and had time for a couple of appetizers for dinner, and a few cocktails—excuse me, I mean "drinks"— before heading to dancing.

Dancing was fun tonight, but short. It was "Santa Bear Night" at Flex, and we had to stop right at 10:30 to accommodate the festivities.
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