DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

HRC Dinner in Greensboro...

After breakfast and a shower, we left the house at about 12:30, and stopped by the post office to check the TCW mail. From there, we went to K-Mart and bought a grill cover and two gas tanks for my new grill.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and bought stuff for lunch. I had the most outrageous lunch in a long time! 27 Points! For lunch! Not good!

I started getting dressed at about 3:30, with plans to leave for Greensboro at 4:30. Robert helped me with the buttons, bow tie, and cummerbund (the pleats face UP!). He tried to take a few pictures of me, but my camera wouldn't work. I suspect the battery needs to be changed. We took a few with a disposable camera, about which I have little confidence of a good picture.

The ride to Greensboro was uneventful. Nearing Greensboro, the traffic really picked up as there was "stadium traffic," for the Kenny Chesney concert, I surmised. I got to the Grandover Resort hotel almost precisely at 6PM.

Beautiful men started arriving almost immediately. :-) The silent auction and cocktail time went from 6PM - 8PM. I checked out the items on auction, and after about 30 minutes ran into Joseph B., who had invited Seth as his guest. They told me that the local IBM rep, and her husband, had called to say they wouldn't be able to make it. That left to empty seats at our table -- a shame as Patty and Deanna could have filled them.

We eventually caught up with Chris and John, and then Beth and Joe L. (from Hartford), and then Cheryl, Jacci, and her husband.

Joseph got into a bidding war on two pieces of art. I bid $50 (up from $25) on this huge wall painting that ended up going for over $500.

Dinner was good -- chicken stuffed with prosciutto, potatoes and a veggie. The rolls were killer, as was the salad -- a cucumber stuffed with lettuce leaves, and portobello mushrooms on the side. Joseph and I ate the salads of the two empty seats. :-)

I said my goodbyes at 9:30, as the "second half" of the program was getting ready to start. I left before the White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries and Blueberries in a waffle cone cup was served.

I drove too fast back to Raleigh (considering I'd had four mixed drinks and a half glass of wine), and arrived at the Brians' party at about 10:30. Lots of oohs and ahs as I walked in with my tux. Brian H. took a few pictures.

I left there at 11 and drove to fast to Oasis, where I joined Robert and danced! I did the first couple of dances in my tux, and then went out to the car to take off the jacket, tie, shirt, and my undershirt, putting on a black t-shirt that I had in the car. Little did I know, at that time, I dropped my bow tie onto the ground.

We left dancing at about 12:30. At home, I noticed the tie missing and called back to Oasis. Herbert located it in the parking lot "soaking wet," and put it aside for me.

All in all, a super fun night -- jam-packed!

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