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An emergency edit, class, paper two direction, and some pool with Joe...

I worked form home today and had an "emergency edit" come in after lunch, which I worked on until about 4:00.

Tonight in Rhetoric of Science and Technology class, we discussed our final postings from the electronic class discussion board. Andrew A. was the summarizer, and he did a fine job considering the digressing mess we've become in that class.

Quote of the night by a student after our professor went on a soft rant about the CGI version of Beowulf: "I can't wait to tell people that my professor said 'nipples' in class tonight." Like I said, but we digress...

I met with said professor after class tonight to discuss my ideas for my final paper. She offered an interesting tact to take on it, which will be more interesting, and ultimately easier I think, than what I was going to do. Bonus.

I went to Helios after class, and then met Joe at Flex, where we drank $1.25 cocktails, and then went over to CCs for Open Mic night. There was free pool there, so we played five or six more games, all of which I lost.
Tags: bar talk, coffee shops, eng515, grad school, ibm

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