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Lick it, studying at the library, a nice 8x10, and more studying...

Just in case anyone needs a screen cleaner for their laptop or PC. Second thoughts, would work for a Mac, too.

I was up at 8:30, after a refreshing twelve-hour sleep!

After futzing around all morning, I finally made it out to the Cameron Village Library to do some studying. I decided to try this place out as an alternative to Helios.

It's a decent alternative—they even have a coffee stand in there, about which I have mixed emotions. I like the idea, but there's something (old-fashioned, probably) nagging me about turning a library into a "commercial enterprise." Oh well, go with the times, Mary, lest you become one of those old people saying, "I remember when..." and "Things were better back then...".

They had an area in the middle of the Adult Fiction section with two tables, perfect for wireless laptops as they each had a plug compartment in the middle of them to making hooking up a breeze.

The only distraction during the four hours I was there was the family consisting of a man, his young son, and his young daughter, who used the restrooms that were in this area.

Daughter yelling at the door to the father and son who are inside the men's room: "Daddy? Daddy?" [louder] "Daddy?"

Father and son come out, daughter goes into the ladies room. Father, after a few minutes yelling at the ladies room door, "Jasmine?" [louder] "Jasmine?"

Hmmm. Wonder where these kids are [not] learning about their "inside voice."

With that disruption aside, I did get a decent amount of Verbal Data Analysis homework done.

Joe called, in a tizzy, while I was in the library. He had just returned from being gone about an hour—to work out—and someone had broken one of the double panes in the window in his back door, presumably in a failed break-in attempt.

He kept me on the phone while he peered in and around outside, noting people walking by, and just generally perseverating about everything even though I said I was in the library and couldn't really talk. Bless his mess.

He met me at the library upon its closing at 5PM, where I loaned him my laptop (one of the three that I have) to use until he can get himself a new one during the after-holiday sales.

I ran by Target to pick up an 8x11 photo I had sent to be printed there to make sure some pictures I want to print for Christmas won't turn out grainy when printing at that size. It looks great. Yay!

At home, I did a bunch of reading for my Verbal Data Analysis class in anticipation of trying to write up a paper about the research work Jason and I have been working with all semester.

I was in the bed by 11:00.
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