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Editing, like really annoying talk, a paradigm shift, class, an STC meeting, and overachieving...

I worked from home this morning.

During lunch time, I completed the organization of our Student/Faculty Roundtable to be hosted by STC at the end of the month, and sent notes to initiate the advertisement process.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt at Helios to work from there this afternoon, and their friend Carl joined us as well.

I worked on Brendan's edits today.

OMG. This just in from Helios: If, like, the girls, like sitting next to me, like say "like," like one more time, I'm going to, like, throw something at them. Time to put the earbuds in.

This is a great 5-minute clip about the information storing and retrieval paradigm shift that the Web is:

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was interesting tonight. Sandy and Lindsay did a great job of summarizing. Anna was absent, and I missed her.

At the end of class, I turned in the rewrite of my first paper.  I wish I felt better about it, but it is what it is.

Directly following class, I met with Brian, Michelle, Jen, John, and Andrew to put dates on the December and January STC events currently marked as "time and date to be determined." That will probably be my last "official" meeting, and it felt in some ways good, and in other ways wistful.

At home, an instant message conversation with Robert revealed yet another death of a friend in his life. I'm sorry my sweet. Rest in peace, Joan.

I have been wondering, yet avoiding actually confirming, what grade I need in my Rhetoric of Science and Technology class in order to graduate with a 4.0+ average. The results: I can still do it with an A. An A- will put me at a 3.999999 overall average; however, if they round up, it would go to a 4.0.

Bless my overachieving mess. The good news is that the highest honor degree, Summa Cum Laude, is awarded for GPAs 3.75 and up.
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