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Food fun, class presentation with Jason, and pleasantries at Helios...

Sometimes, okay most times, it's all about the food. Two food-related things I forgot to mention yesterday:

First, I got way too excited posting this response to a question on buzzcubnc's blog: What's your favorite flavor ice cream and how do you like to eat it?

My favorite ice creams are 1) Butter Pecan, 2) Coffee, and 3) Vanilla (in that order). I prefer it in a bowl. At home, if they are available, I absolutely love to add butterscotch baking chips to any and all three of those. The next best thing that I like to add is Raisinets.

When I am in the mood for a cone, I actually like the ice cream cones from McDonald's, or if I want a "dipped one," then I like the Butterscotch Dipped Vanilla cones from Dairy Queen.

Feel free to use the "Leave a comment" link below to tell me what ice cream you like, and how you like it.

And secondly, I was having some celery sections with cream cheese spread in them and some sliced sweet gherkins on the top, when I thought: Okay, I love Cape Cod 40% Reduced Fat Kettle-cooked Potato Chips with cream cheese on them, too. I wonder what that combo with these slices of sweet pickles on them would taste like. Turned out to be pretty damned good.

I worked from home today.

I announced an STC officers' meeting for Monday night after class, and sent e-mail to the professors in the MS program about participating in a Student/Faculty Roundtable on either Wednesday, 11/28, or Thursday, 11/29.

Jason and I presented on our project tonight in class. It went better than I anticipated. Then man is just plain good. I'm such a wreck sometimes.

I stopped by Helios after class, and in the parking lot, I was met by Doug walking his dog, Henry.

It was absolutely teeming with folks when I got there, and after an hour or so, it finally calmed down.

I was thrilled to see that Brian, from my Rhetoric of Science and Technology class, created a topic on our class discussion board called, "From Last Class Discussion," because I, too, had something I wanted to post on that topic.  I devised this and posted it:

Brian, thanks for creating this topic, as I had something I wanted to share about last class, too!

When I got into my car after class, Fresh Air was on NPR, and Dave Davies, substituting for Terry Gross, was interviewing Brian De Palma on his new movie, Redacted, a fictional take on a real incident—in which U.S. soldiers raped and murdered a 14-year-old girl in Iraq.

Right when I tuned in the interview, it went like this:

Dave: When one looks at a lot of your earlier work, a lot of the thrillers that you made, they involve, voyeurism, and predatory violence toward women. And, one might say, well, you know, De Palma decides to make a film about the horrors of war (this one and an earlier film of his called Casualties of War focusing on a similar incident during the Vietnam war), and what we see are two films about the murder and rape of women. Uhm, why were you drawn to these two stories?

Brian, almost like he was annoyed that he had to explain: This is a metaphor for our destruction of this country [Iraq]!  We have raped and destroyed this country. That's the same thing we did to Vietnam. And then what do we do? We just leave.

I thought, "Who knew?" Metaphors again! From ARGUMENT IS WAR in class to WAR IS RAPE in real life.

The entire interview can be heard here.  [This particular part of the conversation starts at about 17.5 minutes into the 21-minute piece.]

I had a brief—affirming about my intellect—conversation with Brad (one of my former professors), and Steve Nelson dropped by for a coffee, and some brief, albeit nice, cawfee tawk.
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