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Power issues, a (mostly) clean bill of health, homework, class, and dancing...

Power Issues

Yesterday, my computer (desktop machine) started turning off about four seconds after pushing the on button. The fan and all that noise started for about four seconds, and then it just powered itself off.

I took off the cover, vacuumed the hell out of the inside of it, the vents in the covers, and jiggled a few wires up in there. It seems to be working again.

As I went to get out of my car this afternoon, my driver-side window wouldn't go up. I made sure the child lock wasn't on. I turned the car off, and then turned the key just enough to engage the power system.  It went up about three-fourths of the way, and then stopped.

When I came out from my doctor's appointment, after starting the car, it went up with no problem.  Things that make you go, "Hmmm."  I've had to replace an electric window motor before.  Not cheap. Would rather not do it again.

I had my annual physical today, with my GP, who is a PA, and whom I absolutely love—Amy Hird.

I had looked through the magazines in the rack while waiting for her: one Golf Digest, two issues of Family Fun, one issue of Sports Illustrated, and one other health magazine that was actually geared toward doctors. When Amy came in, I said, "What, still no Out magazine to read while I'm waiting?"

"This isn't my office, so I'm not taking blame for that," she quipped.

We went over my lab results from last week's tests, and they were surprisingly decent. I was expecting the worst, as I feel like, once again, I am at my absolute fattest—precisely where I didn't want to be when I turned 50.

The only thing I have to work on is my cholesterol (including losing some weight, of course), and we talked about "a plan" for that, scheduling a "check-in" in 6 months to see how it's going.

The best news to me was that my PSA count was down—and the history of the last three checks has been: 2.6, 2.5, and this time it was 1.9. Lovin' that trend. [My dad has prostate cancer; that's why I'm so focused on this.]

She apologized for having to do a prostate check, and I once again reminded her of how honored she should be as one of the very few people in life who I trust to violate the "Exit Only" sign tattooed on my ass.

"I don't know if I've told you before, but your prostate is a little larger than normal, but that might very well be your baseline, because there certainly doesn't seem to be any problem with it from what I just felt," she related as she washed her hands.

Before leaving, I said to her, "I'm thinking about having these skin tags below my right eye removed, and I always appreciate your referrals. "Do you know a dermatologist who does good work?"

She handed me his card, and waited for my reaction. The name on the card was Dr. Scales. As I laughed, she said, "You'd really like the psychiatrist I recommend in Raleigh; his name is Dr. Looney."

At Helios, I had their new Turkey, avocado, cheddar, lettuce & tomato on grilled sourdough sandwich. Delicious!

I worked on temporal analysis graphs for my Verbal Data Analysis course, including exchanges by both e-mail and telephone with Jason as we worked to pull together our presentation for tomorrow night's class that has to be sent out tonight by 7:30.

I continue to feel totally torn about this project—thrilled to be working with such a great mind, but so dense in comparison. One thing you can say about me, though; I'm not a quitter.

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was pretty decent tonight. Michelle and Brian did a great job as tonight's summarizers.

We have only two more weeks worth of readings, which is both exciting and frightening. Exciting because it's signaling the end of the semester, and frightening because my final project is nowhere near where it needs to be, and I've yet to re-write the first paper, for which I "missed the boat."

Pass the Tums, please.

Dancing was okay tonight. Lots of dancers. Very few bar patrons.

I "snuck out" at 10:40, asking Rick to say goodbye to Carl and Bill for me, for which I'm sure to catch hell on Saturday.
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