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Action items; more affirmations; Plot for $100, Alex; and tragedy at Flex...

In anticipation of finally graduating in December, I have created an "After Graduation To-Do List," which I intend to attend to in 2008, while I'm still working only three days a week, but out of school. So far, I have 24 items on it.

I spent the afternoon at Helios, where, as usual, it was gay home week, with appearances by: Ray, Javier, Santiago, and David (the teacher, not Santiago's partner).

Yay! More affirmations today:
  • Thomas gave me my first cup of coffee at Helios free today: "We have to remember to reward our regular customers!" he said.

  • When I went to get a refill, probably two hours later, Ian said as he handed me a refill of the dark roast, "Since the light roast you wanted wasn't ready, this one's on me." [Actually, I'm not so sure that this is an affirmation as it is just good customer service. At any rate, it was appreciated. And I put the $.70 for the refill in the tip jar instead.]

  • Irene came into town yesterday, and though I couldn't afford to give up 5 hours to drive her to Jacksonville and come back, I offered to pay for a one-way rental car for her. I received this note from her today: "I did not rent a car after all, Andrew altered his plans and picked me up yesterday and drove me down. I hope that your "week" and "end" have been productive and you have been brilliant. I expect nothing less! So while you are slaving at your task, please know how much I appreciate you each and every day. I think about that, about you, about the people and things in my life that have the most meaning all of the time. But especially now, as life begins to take one of its inevitable and life-altering turns, I treasure you and all things like you that make each day special. I am one lucky "real" girl!! Much love!! Irene"

  • In a posting on the electronic discussion board for our class, I shared a little narrative story I'd written last year, to which a fellow-student replied: "I admire you for having the guts to buck the narrative!"
On a completely different note: This is the thanks I get for being a nice guy, and acquiescing when this guy asked if he could sit at my table, since the place was kind of full. (However, there were some empty seats at the counter.)

After taking a seat at my table, and taking not the seat across from me, but the seat beside me, he proceeded to sneeze nine times in a row. I am not exaggerating. I counted them.

Needless to say that after that, I did not take another sip of coffee out of my cup, which was sitting on the table.

Also, while at Helios, I created a Jeopardy game based on one of our readings in Rhetoric of Science and Technology, the discussion of which I'm facilitating in tomorrow night's class.

Joe arrived at a little after 5:30, and we walked over to Hibernian for some Bloody Marys and dinner.

Afterwards, we stopped by Flex for a couple of hours, where we played several games of free pool, and then the whole place watched Terry—like some horrible traffic accident you couldn't take your eyes off—tragically start his shirt-lifting and sensual (in his mind only) body rubbing, and the eventual slipping down of his pants until about two inches of his butt crack was showing in the back and his pubic hair was peeping out over the waistband of his pants in the front. T-R-A-G-I-C.

We high-tailed it out of there at 9:30, just before the karaoke started—and, presumably, before Terry ended up passed out on the floor totally naked. God, if I ever get like that, please just shoot me.
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