DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

PFlag, T-Flag, PFag...

I had lunch with Suzanne today. Always good to have some 1-on-1 time with her. Department meeting was canceled as Denny was not available to come as Susanne's guest speaker.

Sent Guardian/SafeGuard book out for final review today. Made good headway on the AP Listener book.

Early afternoon Deb B. called from the NCStraightSpouse group regarding the guest speakers for tonight's transgender program falling through. She got very relieved when I mentioned that my book club is reading a t* book, and that, as a minimum, I'd be happy to share about the book and our discussions to date.

She called me back about 15 minutes later to tell me that they had secured backup presenters. Whew.

I left work at 6:00, and had dinner at home. I left for the PFlag meeting at 7, and stopped by Oasis to get my bow tie, only to find out that they aren't open on Tues & Wed.

The transgender program was all right -- a little too much on the emotional side (as opposed to facts), but it was genuine as a mother and father talked about the transition of their son Randy into their daughter Rachel. They passed around pictures of her, and they were quite interesting.

It turned out that the person sitting in front of me was transgender, a male now. He even had "male pattern baldness" going on. Very interesting. The woman next to me admitted that she was horrified because she is thinking that her son, who came out to her 5 years ago as gay, might be wanting to change his sex next. I spoke with her a little after the meeting.

I stopped by Flex after the meeting to see what was going on with Karaoke this week. Pretty much the same crowd. Herbert is just an awful, awful singer. I can't decide if he's singing bad on purpose or really thinks he's good.

Had a nice e-mail from Robert when I get home. It looks like he's planning to come to Flex tomorrow. Cool.

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