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A head crash of the worst kind, project data analysis, and dancing...

There's something about the noise that a head makes when it bangs against a cement floor that's not easy to forget, or stop thinking of once you've heard it.

A customer—a young, very thin, black-haired girl just fell off a stool here at Helios; the back of her head banged the floor as she hit it, and her eyes rolled up about as far as they could without completely disappearing.

It's my second time here this morning, and it's only 11:00. I met my friend Steve here for breakfast at 8:30, left at 10:00 to pick up my friend Kevin (av8rdude) at Fred Anderson Toyota, and we're both back here now working on grad school homework.

I worked on analyzing the data for my Verbal Data Analysis project, creating frequency graphs of:
  1. Code Frequency by Coder
  2. Code Relative Frequency by Coder
  3. Code Frequency by Writer
  4. Code Relative Frequency by Writer
  5. Frequency of Non-reuse vs. Resuse Segments by Writer
  6. Relative Frequency of Non-reuse vs. Resuse Segments by Writer
I also calculated the correlation coefficient between the total number of segments and the number of segments marked for re-use.

And, finally, I did a sequence analysis of the codes by episode in anticipation of doing some temporal distribution analysis. Here's the sequence of codes for Episode #6 of Technical Writer #2's work.

E6  TW2   R,F   S,F   S,F   R   F   F   F   F   F   F   F   F   F   R   F   R,F   R,F   F   F   R   S   R   S,F   F   F   F   F   F   F   F   F

Interpretation:  (Double-coded) Relocation, Fluidity; (Double-coded) State Change, Fluidity; (Double-coded) State Change, Fluidity; Relocation; Fluidity, etc.

Another bird walked into Helios today. I was less worried about this one being a suicide bomber, because I purposely used the verb "to walk" to describe its demeaner. First of all two of the doors were propped open today—providing multiple exit corridors should they became necessary. Second, this bird seemed solely interested in walking around inspecting anything on the floor that might have been food.

Kevin and I had lunch at about 3:00—quesadillas are back on the menu. Yay!  There was some confusion about who was supposed to be making our lunches, but they eventually came, along with an apology for the miscommunication and the wait.

We left at about 3:20, when I took Kevin back to Fred Anderson to pick up his car.

At home, I devised an e-mail to Jason about the analysis work I'd done with our data, and I sent that to him along with the updated spreadsheet.

Dancing was fun tonight—we eventually had a good number of dances. We stopped right at 10:30 for reasons unbeknownst to all of us, as it certainly wasn't that crowded in the place.

Robert and I left shortly after dancing, and worked on an Indy crossword puzzle, while I put in two loads of laundry, since we were getting to set the clocks back at 2AM.
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