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50th Birthday Cards redux...

Here are the last four cards to trickle in, the ones that I mentioned all had women on the covers:

From my friend Sharon:

Card Front: [Woman (in color) dancing in the middle of the floor of a bar with people (all in black and white) sitting around the dance floor watching her] "As long as you can shake it without breakin' it..."

Card Inside: [Music starts playing when you open it. The song is "Shake Your Groove Thing."]  "...you're nowhere near old."

Sentiments: John, I love you! Happy Birthday. ~S~

From my friend Suzanne:

Card Front: [Two women sitting at a counter enjoying a soft drink together with speech bubbles over each of their heads.] First girl: "Where's your birthday party at?"   Second girl: "Don't end a sentence with a preposition."

Card Inside: First girl, restating: "Where's your birthday party at, bitch?"  Hope your birthday is one big party.

Sentiments: Dear John– I'm sure your 50th was everything you wanted it to be! I'm glad I could extend the celebration with you! Love, Suzanne

From my friend Janet:

Card Front: [Picture of a woman in a pink dress and satin sash on, as well as a straw hat with flowers in it, holding the bit of a fine, strong horse.] "Pink summer dress with ruffles and a white satin sash: $200. Perky straw hat with flowers: $125.00."

Card Inside: "An afternoon with a fine stallion: Priceless".

Sentiments: Happy 50th Birthday. Love, Janet

And another card from my friend Joe:

Card Front: [Picture of a platinum blond with red-tinted cat-eye glasses on with a big ole cigarette sticking out of a mouth that is scrunched up exaggerating the wrinkles above her lip and on her chin.] "Old enough to know better..."

Card Inside: "...young enough not to give a rat's ass."

Sentiments: Happy Birthday to my best friend & "sistah" – thanks for being part of my life!  Love ya, Joe
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