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Regretfully, I was unable to schedule anyone to test Jason's and my codes this afternoon. Notes out to three potential folks to help me out were met with two people (Will & Kim) being out of town for the weekend and the other one (Courtney) responding too late in the day to work something out.

Kim did say she'd be back tomorrow, and could help tomorrow afternoon. It will depend on what time she gets back, as I have a commitment at 6:00 that is dependent on accommodating five peoples' schedules at one time, and we've already rescheduled the event once—not to mention the fact that it's a gathering to belatedly celebrate my birthday, which was two weeks ago now.

I met Kevin (av8rdrude) at Helios, where we both worked on homework. Joe joined us right before Kevin had to leave, so they at least got to say hi and bye.

Before Joe left at 6:30 to walk across the street to meet Ben and Dale for dinner, he took me out to his car, where he gave me another birthday card and the following items: a coffee mug hugger, a bag of Lindt Milk Chocolate Balls, a bag of Lindt White Milk Chocolate Balls, and a $50 dollar gift card to iTunes—one tune for each year of my life on the planet.

It took me well over 2.5 hours to devise responses to the Rhetoric of Science and Technology readings for this week—three short, very innocent-looking readings with, evidently, complex questions about them.

I feel good about the responses I devised, but it was at a high cost (of time) considering all I have to do for my Verbal Data Analysis class and wanting to get a head start on the readings for Wednesday's class, because those are long and involved. Not to mention there's that nagging need to re-write my first paper, that I have no idea when I'm going to be able to make time for.

I left Helios right at 7:00, and at home heated up the just a little bit of Ginger Chicken & Green Beans left over from Thursday night, and made a salad consisting of: Romaine Lettuce, Onions, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Diced Cucumbers, Half-sliced Grape Tomatoes— and topped with some croutons and Thousand Island dressing. It was all good.

I started on Wednesday's readings for Rhetoric of Science and Technology class, but my eyes kept closing, and I finally caved in at two-thirds of the way into the first (of three) articles.

I hope the discussion questions for these readings will be posted tomorrow, as I'd like to see what they are before I read any further.

"The sun – has gone – to bed and so must I."  I did at 9:45.
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