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Published again, radar t-shirt, Prudie snaps, work, homework, class, and booger drag...

I have been published again on onesentence.org!

A friend sent me a link to this story about the Top 11 Geek T-Shirts. My favorite is the very last one:

which actually lights up when you're in the range of a wireless network! Love it, love it, love it.

Another snap, snap, snap from Prudie:

Hi Prudence,

I'm an office manager at a very small company, where I work with three other girls. In short, I am much smarter than my co-workers. When one of them asks a dumb question (i.e., "What's so bad about Fox News?"), I try to be sensitive and explain without making them feel stupid. Sometimes, though, I get very frustrated, and it's difficult to hold my tongue.

Yesterday, my co-worker's sister came in to visit and announced shamelessly that she had never heard of Craigslist. After she left, I exclaimed to my other co-workers, "I can't believe she's never heard of Craigslist!" My co-workers defended her, saying they had never heard of Craigslist until they moved to New York City.

I find this preposterous. I didn't say anything else because I didn't want to come off as a snob (which is probably how I'm coming off in this e-mail; my apologies).

How does one handle working with people like this? I could keep my mouth shut and go with the flow, but it makes me feel dumb when I don't speak up—I feel that if I don't acknowledge their stupidity, then I'm not doing my duty as an informed young woman.

—Dumbed Down

Dear Dumbed,

Since you're so knowledgeable, I'll leave it to you to answer the following letter:

Dear Prudie,

The three of us work in a small office with an overbearing braggart who thinks it's her job to constantly tell us how smart she is and how dumb we are.

If we say something that indicates we don't agree with her political views, she rolls her eyes and gives us a lecture on how to think.

If it comes up that we don't know about some Web site she's familiar with, for example, she sighs and tells us it's impossible to believe that we could be that unsophisticated.

Her attitude almost seems to be that she feels it's her obligation to point out how superior she is. In some small way, we feel sorry for her because she's so unlikable, but mostly we just can't bear the sight of her. How do we get her to shut up?

—Sick of the Show-Off

I worked from home today, completing two edits.

During lunch, I ran to the post office to pick up a package—Portuguese and New England food sent by my parents for my birthday.

I did homework right up until it was time to leave for class tonight.

Verbal Data Analysis class was about two-thirds "workshop" and one-third presentations showing simple frequency and relative frequency on the data of both David's and Nate's projects.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home—desperate for coffee filters.

I'm meeting Joe at later tonight for Trailer Park Prize Night. It's been over two weeks since we've seen each other.

I'm posting this entry now.
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