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Sleeping in, lunch with Myra, state trooper infractions, class, and dancing...

I slept in this morning. Glorious.

I met Myra at Helios for lunch. She brought me a card, a monster Slim Jim, and a gift certificate to Quail Ridge Books & Music. I have such wonderful people in my life.

Card synopsis and affirmation:

Front: Policeman writing out a ticket.

Inside: "Impersonating a young person... Failure to yield to Father time..." Happy Birthday

Sentiments: Thank you for all the joy-filled and thought-provoking moments you bring to my life. Here's wishing that all the years of your life are as wonderful as you make life for other people.   Myra

She treated me to lunch, and we caught up on CECE, STC, and on SHE and ME. I was delighted to get an update on how things are going with James.

This reminds me: I want to capture my other birthday card sentiments. I'll do it in a separate posting.

It's been a while since an entry from indexed blog has captured my imagination. I like this one, just in time for Halloween. I love candy corn. [Italics, bold, and underlined; now that's love.]

Main Entry: in·fer·ence
Pronunciation:  \'in-f(ə-)rən(t)s, -fərn(t)s\
Function: noun
Date: 1594
1: the act or process of inferring: as a: the act of passing from one proposition, statement, or judgment considered as true to another whose truth is believed to follow from that of the former b: the act of passing from statistical sample data to generalizations (as of the value of population parameters) usually with calculated degrees of certainty

I'm going to infer a couple of things from these recently released records of State Troopers' punishments:
  1. The write-up process of these infractions and punishments could use the insertion of an editing step. Here's an example of a sentence, that at the very least, could use another comma, but really needs an entirely separate sentence as that final clause is a total non sequitur:  "A trooper was alleged to have had sex on duty, on the hood of his patrol car and to have cheated on an exam while in the Basic School." 

  2. State troopers are a highly-libidinous lot in general. Many of the 5-pages of infractions and punishments were similar to this one:  "Admitted to exposing his penis to and kissing a female acquaintance who was seated in the passenger side of his vehicle. He also admitted that the female exposed her breasts to him. These exposures occurred while the trooper was on duty and in uniform." and "He did admit, however, to engaging in a sex act with a female in the presence of his sergeant, at his sergeant's home, and that he allowed the sergeant to join in having intercourse with the female while he performed various sex acts on and with the female."

  3. State troopers, on average, have a particular penchant for married women:  "Admitted to having an extramarital affair while both on and off duty, including having sexual intercourse in uniform, in his patrol car." and "Engaged in an extramarital affair with a married woman." (several of these) and "Admitted to having an extramarital affair with a Trooper's wife."

  4. Conversely, I'd have to say that married women have a particular penchant for policeman as well. (And, yes, all this alliteration is on purpose.)
The entire 5-page list is available online. In all fairness, there are one or two items that had nothing to do with sex.

Today, I opened a package of Jessie Jones pre-cooked, frozen sausage patties, and though the box promised eight, there were only seven inside. WTF?

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was quite enjoyable tonight. Poor Andrew (Armstrong) had to summarize two weeks in a row, but he, once again, did a fine job of reining us in as we darted from germane to tangent points.

It was good to be dancing again, in spite of several dances taking a few times through before the steps bubbled to the top. I love the process of feeling it slowly making its way back to "roteness."

We learned a new couples dance, that they had actually learned last Wednesday while we were gone, but it came to me quickly, and I really like it. Stephen was my partner, and I learned the lead.
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