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onesentence.org publication, and Rhetoric of Science & Technology paper done...

Praise the &deity!  I have finally had an entry published on onesentence.org.

I edited my heart out today to finish an IBM commitment before starting vacation tomorrow.

I had about an hour to kill before leaving for class, so I wrote my "President's Pen" article for the October edition of the STC newsletter, which was a "before I leave" commitment to the editor.

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was fun tonight. Andrew J. was the summarizer, and he did a great job facilitating the discussion—complete with an artifacts show and tell.

I went to Helios where I worked on completing my accommodation article due for the same class by midnight tonight. I left at about 9:50, as they were closing at 10:00.

At home, I worked frantically until 11:48, when I finished the assignment, accessed Wolfware to submit it electronically, and received a message to the effect of: Submissions for Paper 1 closed at 11:45.

I was quite sure we had until midnight to turn it in, so attached it to e-mail and sent it to the professor with an explanatory note. TImestamp: 11:52.

It's quite the relief to have that done. It'll make a better start to my vacation tomorrow.

We leave Wednesday afternoon. I'm not going to get excited until we're on the plane from San Francisco to Sydney, as we have somewhat close (hour or less) layovers in Denver and San Francisco.

As soon we we're in the air in San Fran, I do believe I'll order a Bloody Mary.
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