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All homework and no dancing makes John a dull boy...

Who knew? An article in praise of my profession.

I spent ten hours on Rhetoric of Science and Technology homework "accommodating" the article Facilitating Social Networking in Inner-City Neighborhoods for the 2008 International Real Estate Research Symposium in Malaysia.

It's still not done.

We got to dancing at close to 8:30 to find only one other dancer there, Rick, and that's all that ever showed up until we decided at 9:30 to give up the dance floor.

Rick and I did have one two-step, with our usual hybrid dancing—he being the girl the first half of the dance, me being the girl the second half.

That is, if you can call following "being the girl" when it's two guys dancing.

Back home, Robert and I did a very challenging Indy crossword puzzle. We're not sure if it was just a more challenging than usual puzzle, or if we've gotten rusty for not having done any in quite a while.
Tags: bar talk, dancing, homework

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