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Blow-by-blow, hour-by-hour...

Today was non-stop for me.

9:00–11:30:  Breakfast, did two loads of laundry, and showered.

11:30–1:30: Worked in my IBM office.

1:30–1:50: Drove from IBM to the Food Lion on Avent Ferry, where I caught the bus to school. There was an incredible amount of traffic on Dan Allen, and what normally takes about 2-3 minutes to get through, took almost 15.

2:30–3:00: Arrived at Caldwell Hall student lounge and set up my STC table for the English Department Career Day.

3:00–4:50: Spoke with undergraduate English majors about STC.

4:50–5:00: Gathered my stuff and walked across the street to Bruegger's.

5:00–5:55: Hosted the STC Faculty Meet & Greet, which had a good turnout! Three professors (Dicks, Katz, and Miller) attended, and several students, even some who weren't STC officers. :-)

5:55–6:00: Walked across the street to Tompkins for class.

6:00–7:15:  Rhetoric of Science and Technology class. Rick summarized, and we had good discussion throughout.

7:15–7:20: Walked to bus stop.

7:30–8:00: Rode bus back to the Food Lion on Avent Ferry.

8:00–8:05: Drove home.

8:05–8:45: Had dinner and checked e-mail.

8:45–9:00: Drove to dancing.

9:00–11:15: Line-danced and two-stepped.

11:15–11:30: Drove home.
Tags: bar talk, dancing, eng515, exercise, grad school, ibm, stc

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