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Meeting a new manager, editing out the wahzoo, homework, class, and some pool...

I had a busy, productive day. Once again, I went into the office at IBM. I've almost shot my wad for the month. I usually only actually go into the office 2 or 3 times a month, and here it is only the second day in October and I've gone in twice.

The main reason for going in today was to meet my new second-line manager (that's my manager's manager for those not familiar with the IBM lingo), whose name is Mike.

It's been a long time since anyone in my first three levels of management has lived and worked in Raleigh. They've mostly been in Austin. My first-line (direct) manager lives and works in Austin as does my my third-line.

Mike seemed nice enough, and we had a good chat. The meeting was scheduled for 30 minutes, but we talked for about 45.

I edited away on PassLogix publications, until my one-on-one meeting with my manager, which is always by phone of course, and which was scheduled from 2:30–3:00, but instead happened from 1:45–1:55, which was fine with me. (That's a lot of whiches.)

The meeting was mostly to prioritize, and then reschedule, the ridiculous number of edits I have on my schedule that have requested return dates of 10/08, which is Monday of next week, and my last work day before my 11-day vacation. There's no way I could do them all.

After that, I packed up and edited the rest of the afternoon from Helios. Joe joined me there, and he did his remote work from there.

After work, about two hours before class started, I read tonight's Verbal Data Analysis homework reading, incorporated Jason's comments about my coding definitions, and customized the Excel data book to accommodate a second coder.

I left Helios at about 6:45, stopped at Sadlack's Heroes and got a sub to go, and ate it in the Caldwell Lounge right before class. I've never gotten food from that place, and it was pretty damned good.

What wasn't good was the guy behind the counter serving people with a cigarette in his hand. Isn't that against the sanitation codes? Not to mention the two dogs in the place, one on a leash, but one not.

After class, I dropped by home, took a quick shower, and then met Joe at Flex for some pool and karaoke. We played three games of pool, and then waited for karaoke to start.

It normally starts at 9:30 or 10:00, but it wasn't until 10:40 that Chad, the emcee, showed up. "It's not my fault that I'm late. I don't have a car today."

Oh, okay, it's society's fault that you don't have a car. Our bad.

It was pretty dead in there tonight, and at about 11:15, I left Joe there to drink on by himself.

At home, I did Rhetoric of Science and Technology homework until about 2:00 in the morning. Yawn.
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