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Expanded horizons, editing, facilitating class, and some pool and drinking in the Twilight Zone...

I went into the office today, where my day started with an instant message affirmation from my straight friend, Courtney:

Courtney: spent my saturday afternoon at the durham gay pride festival

Courtney: thought about you the whole time i was there, and how thankful i was to know you, because knowing you has allowed me to expand my horizons :-)

Most of my day was spent editing a PassLogix publication for Matthew in Austin.

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class went well tonight.

I was tonight's "summarizer," and I summarized the hell out of the online discussion questions, plus interjected my own questions as I facilitated the class discussion.

I met Joe at Helios after class, where we stayed for about two hours—you know the drill by now: I did homework and he did work.

I had on my

t-shirt, which as a rule elicits some kind of remark from someone. Today was no exception.

As the (quite hunky, I might add) guy sitting at the table beside us got up to leave, he said, "I love your shirt."


He continued, "And that's what I do for a living. I'm a paid blogger. I know that only about 3 or 4 people really care about my blog."

"You gotta write for somebody," I said.

"Yeah," he laughed and took his leave.

At 9:30, we dropped by CCs for Open Mic night with Price & Rice, where it was like entering the Twilight Zone.

It's been at least a month, if not two (I'm sure I could check my blog for the exact date), since we've been there, and since then, this guy named Michael that we met the last time we were there has become the boyfriend of Rice; and Price, though he's gay, has been dating Melissa now for a couple of months.  Click here.

We played a few games of pool, even having Steve (the doorman / bartender) open the other side (of the bar, which was closed off) so we could use the table on that side, since the one on the open side was being hogged by the same two people all night.

Toward the end of the evening, Joe joined Rice on stage and they sang five or six songs to eventually close out the evening.

We had the fourth meal, but not at Taco Bell. Pigs in a Blanket from IHOP for me.
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