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Homework, a walk, a heart-warming affirmation, and more homework...

We were up bright and early this morning, and enjoyed a breakfast of bagels and coffee.

After devising yesterday's blog entry, I read a chapter of one of our books, one of the three readings assigned as homework in my Rhetoric of Science and Technology class.

I started to devise a discussion board posting for the reading, as is also a homework requirement, but I've decided that since I'm the summarizer for this week's discussion, I'm not going to post myself.

Instead, I made myself take a walk around Lake Johnson in this beautiful weather. I'm pretty disgusted with myself for my lack of exercise, lately, outside of my weekly dancing.

I listened to the best podcast on the three-mile walk—the last two acts of the September 14th episode of This American Life, around the theme of Meet the Pros. Here are the descriptions:

Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Run.

Ira travels to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, gets hooked, and tries to figure out what it would mean if he ditched his job in radio to become a professional card player. What he learns: a professional gambler can suffer two heartbreaking losses back-to-back, costing him over $100,000, and moments later, at the casino bar, calculate the million-to-one odds of his unlikely losses... in his head. (26 minutes)

Martha, My Dear.

Contributor David Rakoff visits his dream job: in the crafts department at Martha Stewart Living magazine. If his hobby became his job, he wonders, would it still be fun? (11 minutes)

The poker story, especially, is fascinating, fascinating, fascinating. You can hear it yourself by clicking on the link below. Once there, click on the "Full Episode" link down the left side, and once it loads, fast forward to the 20:50 (that's 20-minute, 50-second) mark. (You have to slide the slider to the right, let it catch up a bit, and then slide it again, until you can get to the 20:50 mark.)   Take me to the link.

A wonderful mid-evening instant message affirmation from Robert (in blue):

shushaker13: Handsome
nematome: hiya handsome
shushaker13: just a quick nighty night...just got home.
nematome: did you get to that pahtee?
shushaker13: lord, some people I hadn't seen in over 40 years.
nematome: wow
nematome: womenses?
shushaker13: yes, very alarming, the way some looked. Some menses, too.
shushaker13: that I knew in grade school
nematome: great. glad you went then?
shushaker13: yes, but had a few too many bittersweet and sad news exchanges.
nematome:  sorry to hear that.
shushaker13: deaths, porn industry choice of careers, etc.
shushaker13: interesting lives
shushaker13: hehehe, met some good ole gay boys there, too.
shushaker13: hairdressers, etc, a couple that's been together 20+ years.
nematome: wow
nematome: great
shushaker13: yah, it was awl good.
nematome: good. glad she finally got in touch
nematome: or you with her
nematome: did any of them know steph and/or that she had died?
shushaker13: yes, that was the bad news I had to share to some.
shushaker13: and my brother
nematome: yes.
nematome: regrettably, dying is part of life.
shushaker13: have a blessed evening, my sweet man. I love you, and spoke of you there, too. You make me feel like such a part of a good world.
nematome: aww, hun
shushaker13: just saying that, cause it's so true!
nematome: thank you that warms my heart
nematome: and that just may show up as an aFirmation
nematome: i love you, robert
shushaker13: and I, you, John. Sweetest dreams , my love.
nematome: u2 night night
shushaker13: night

It was a homework kind of night for me tonight.

The discussion board (supposedly) closes at midnight, and then I have to summarize the discussion.
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