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A gay marriage appeal from the heart, a cold, a wish list, and class...

If you haven't seen this video or heard the news story, it's worth a look.

Could it really be happening? Was there really any way in hell a straight white male BushCo-era Republican would dare step up to a live microphone in front of a TV camera in a major American city and honestly admit that, well, he was wrong, and he is very sorry, and he has now officially reversed his position and now fully supports gay marriage and will actually sign a city council resolution acknowledging and advocating same?

And furthermore could this politician, during said cynicism-defying announcement, actually choke back tears—real, human tears, not the fake, creepy kind you see from, say, Ted Haggard or Larry Craig or Lynne Cheney after four martinis and an hour staring at her husband—such a genuine display of emotion that you can't help but think it might actually be coupled to a living, breathing human soul?

Read the rest of the story here... or just watch the video, as that's the real story.

(Tissues May Be in Order for This Video)

It's official: I have a cold. Last night I took some of the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold… medicine.  This morning I filled up a tissue with a plethora of gooey, yellow snot.  I'll spare you a visual, though I'm quite sure I could google image one if I were so inclined.

My birthday is coming up, and while I would prefer not to receive gifts, if you are close to me and you are going to ignore that request anyway, I'm a firm believer in making it known what I want. To that end, here are some possibilities that will make me happy:

I worked from Helios all afternoon, and I completed another edit for Christie.

Joe and I had dinner at Two Guys on Hillsborough Street.

I had hoped to get a nap in before Verbal Data Analysis class, because I was feeling like pure T shit, but it didn't happen. I made it through class, with only one trip to the bathroom.

I stopped at the Food Lion on Avent Ferry on the way home, where I bought, among other things, some Orange Juice and some Theraflu. The Theraflu is the "daytime" formula, and it's for tomorrow.

Right now, I'm about to take Nyquil and daze into dreamland.

Does anyone know what google.com is celebrating today (09/27) with their graphic?  It looks like a piñata, but I know it's not Cinco De Mayo.

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