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Meeting w/Jason, some library time, Molière (the movie), and bear411 night at Flex...

I met with Jason to discuss the segmenting and coding of his research data. I feel a lot more "on board" after the talk.

We spent a little time afterwards talking about the class, and I asked him for some advice about talking to Susan about my "grade point average goals and objectives."

I found this comment of his terribly interesting and insightful: "John, any of the faculty who knows you in the program, and they all do, know that you really wouldn't want to settle for anything less than an A+." I'm also counting the remark as an affirmation.

I spent about an hour-and-a-half at the NCSU library, where I failed to find a copy of the periodical, Property Management.  There is a link on the web—which I know can't be right—that lists the annual subscription rate as $3892.37!

I just decided to stay with my original target publication, the International Real Estate Research Symposium 2008, which Susan has already indicated is fine.

I picked up Robert at 4:10, and we went to the Carolina Theater for the 4:30 screening of Molière.

Movie Synopsis:  In 1644, Molière was only 22 years old. At the age of 22, following a spell of imprisonment for debt, Molière—a well-born young man who had abandoned the privileges of his birth for love of a woman and the theater—disappeared without a trace for several months.

Taking this mystery—which has never been explained—as our starting point, the makers of this film have concocted an elaborate historical fiction, an adventure in which young Molière finds himself caught up in a tale of deceit and disguise, of theater, danger and passion. A story from which Molière would emerge as the greatest author in the history of the French stage.

I absolutely loved this movie, as did Robert. Romain Duris, playing Molière, was easy on the eyes, and Laura Morante got more beautiful and engaging as the film progressed.

Fabrice Luchini was nothing short of brilliant—particularly in his ability to portray a thousand feelings with a single facial expression.

I met Joe at Flex at 10:00, where it was bear411.com night. I didn't bother putting on a name tag with my profile name on it, and after about an hour or so, they ran out of them anyway.

Carl and Bill were there, and so I had lots of laughs with Bill, as usual. There was a porn star there, and as is my M.O., I avoided him at all costs throughout the night.

There was a picture postcard of him laying around on the tables, and at one point (pipe-smoking) Curt picked it up and looking at it said, "Gosh, he looks even more stuck on himself in this picture than he does here in real life." It made me laugh, because he said it like it was hardly imaginable as a possibility.

Joe and I played a game of pool, and would have played more, but as soon as we started people got "in the queue to play the winner," which is not what we wanted to do. After our game, we turned the table over to Carl and Curt.

I had a nice chat with spectrusery, and was glad to hear he had finished his EMT training that he talked about doing a year ago or so in his blog. Cool.

Against my better judgment, and desire, Joe talked me into going over to CCs, where someone told me that someone else told them that they thought I was hot. Always nice to have a physical affirmation.

We left at about 10 minutes until last call, and on the walk back to our cars at Flex, we talked ourselves out of eating somewhere on the way home.
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