DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

I'm so Dizzy, my head is spinning...

Another good day of class. Zach, the instructor, has a lot of energy, and I appreciate that. The team worked well together, and "interviewing Mr. Sanders," at the end of the day was a real trip. Paula was like a Pit Bull on crack with him, and Rich was relentless as well. I thought the whole meeting was "too contentious," but, in the end, we did walk away with Sanders agreeing with one major non-conformity -- although, it did seem to come at the cost of Mr. Higgs being slated to lose his job.

I picked Brad up at the Embassy Suites at 7:00, and we ate at Irregardless. We didn't have to wait, which was a pleasant surprise, and gave us time to have a leisurely dinner. Brad picked up the tab, which was a nice surprise. I had "Helen's Ravioli," and it was delicious except for one ingredient in it. I think it was the artichoke hearts, though not the hearts themselves. It seemed like there were several "hard shells" (or something) from them also in the dish, which I probably should not have eaten, but tried to. Other than that, the salad and the bread, of course, as usual, were killer.

We got to Flex at about 8:20. Paul was already there, though I didn't seem him for several minutes as I said hello to the dancers who were already there, and introduced them to Brad. When I went to the bar for a drink, I saw Paul sitting at the bar seats that face the dance floor. He looked good, as usual -- had a buzz cut.

I chatted with him until the dancing started, and then I pretty much left him and Brad alone. (I had to have my "fan time" sweating like crazy, as usual.) They seemed to keep a conversation going pretty well.

Later Jay arrived, and he and Paul spent time chatting. Jay actually had his camera with him, and took a picture of me dancing at one point. I think it's for his "Flat Stanley" (?) project that he's doing for his niece, Zoe.

As far as enjoying themselves, well, I believe Brad did. He seemed to really enjoy watching, and I asked him several times if he was "okay." He had an opportunity to leave early (with either Paul or Jay), and passed it up, so I guess that means he was enjoying himself. Van spent a lot of time chatting with him, which I really appreciate. I need to remember to buy Van a drink next week to thank him for that.

I'm not so sure Paul had the best time. He really doesn't like country music, and I wasn't fawning all over him like I usually am, and Steve wasn't there to drool over him.

Gerald wasn't there tonight, and there were one or two songs that came on that I thought, "Damn. I wish Gerald was here to dance this one." They were the songs in which you dance slow, close, and tend to wiggle back and forth on. He's so good at dancing to those kind of songs. I had the best dances with Joe -- especially one two-step in which we, and Michael and Karl(or was it Ric?), were out there, but they stopped about halfway through. We had the whole dance floor to ourselves and Joe was just spinning us around and around. It was so much fun. The other fun dance was the shadow dance to Wynona's song. I love the way Joe leads that dance, and it's such a sexy dance.

I learned a new dance, the one to the song, "Dizzy." I love that dance. It has a lot of turns in it (not unlike "Cruising"), but is so much faster. Great fun, and we did it twice during the evening, since it was one of the dances taught.

Brad and I left at about 11:45, and I dropped him off at the Embassy Suites.

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