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Embodied knowledge in action, a profile and liar conversation, class, and thoughts of Christmas...

I made arrangements to have Robert's windshield replaced, and after talking to the Glass Doctor, finding out that they were totally booked for the day already, and that the cost would be $302, I hit GOOGLE for other glass replacement businesses.

I called Triumph Auto Glass, and they were able to come in about an hour-and-a-half and their charge would be $172.

Within 20 minutes, I had a call from the technician saying that he'd arrive in about 45 minutes. I watched the absolutely fascinating process of replacing a windshield. It's amazing how quickly and easily things can be done with: 1) knowledge of what one is doing, and 2) the correct tools.

Watching him work, I was reminded of an article I'd just read for my Verbal Data Analysis class about embodied knowledge. I was also reminded of a couple of discussions we've had in my Rhetoric of Science and Technology, as the guy took at least 7 phone calls on his Bluetooth device while he worked.

Robert got off work early, and when he arrived to return my car, we had lunch at Rock-ola.

I met Patti at 5:30 at the shelter in Pullen Park. Okay, I officially hate that place for two reasons: 1) flies and 2) dirty benches. I had on white shorts, and when I got to class, a stop in the restroom revealed a huge streak of crud across the seat of my shorts.

Patti and I had "a profile" vs. "liar" conversation, which is to say that we were both looking at the exact same circumstances and each interpreting it two different ways.

Which do you see? A profile of a person or the word liar?
(If you're having trouble seeing "liar," turn your head a little bit to the right.)

Verbal Data Analysis class was better tonight than it has been. We briefly touched on that excruciating reading we had assigned for tonight's class, and spent the rest of the class learning by doing, which is a much more interesting and effective way for me to learn.

Jason is such an excellent teacher—great intellect, a keen awareness of class dynamics, and never fails to tie the class lesson to the overall objectives and direction of the course.

I spent a good chunk of after-class time tonight, uploading my Labor Day weekend pics (of my parents' and my visit to see my aunt and uncle and to meet my "new cousin") to create a 2008 calendar to give as Christmas presents.

I did a little bit of STC work as well, including reviewing and providing feedback of Brian's meeting minutes from our Wednesday meeting, and announcing our "STC Cell Phone Recycling" event.

Just before bed, with a heavy heart, I submitted my resignation from my part-time job at CECE.
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