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STC action items and meeting, some ENG 515 relief, dancing and the aftermath...

I slept in this morning. Glorious.

I was relieved to hear from Myra today, just in time for the information I needed for tonight's STC Officer's meeting.

I spent most of the afternoon at Helios, where I got a bunch of STC work done:
  • Prepared the agenda for tonight's STC Officers Meeting, which includes the following items: Check-in, Celebration of accomplishments-to-date, Reports (Treasurer, Web Site, Membership, and Newsletter), and Upcoming events and commitments.

  • E-mail to the STC-Carolina president and program manager regarding the planning of two joint programs in November—the Cluster Progression program ant the Back to School program.

  • E-mail to Stan Dicks, MS in Technical Communication program administrator, about the scheduling of our Pre-Advising Info Session in October.

I also had a few e-mail exchanges with Patti regarding a CECE meeting tomorrow, and a personal meeting we've schedule for after work tomorrow.

While at Helios, Paul Simon's Graceland was playing, and I'd forgotten how much I really like that CD. I'm feeling an iTunes purchase, hopefully with iTunes gift cards for my 50th. I'm just saying.

I spent the last hour there doing homework for Verbal Data Analysis class tomorrow night, which entailed reading a 40-page study entitled, "Writing as an Embodied Practice: The Case of Engineering Standards."  No comment. Tedious. Tedious. Tedious. Oh, that was a comment, wasn't it? So sue me.

Rhetoric of Science & Technology class was both a relief and fun tonight. A relief in the sense that we had no book chapters or articles to read (and post about on the discussion board) before class, and fun in that 5 people presented their proposals for the first paper we have to do, which involves "accommodating" a very technical scientific or technological article for a different, more general, or "lay," audience.

I totally enjoyed our STC Officers Meeting tonight after class from 7:30-8:30 at East Village. We have just a great group of folks on the team. Every person stayed around afterwards and talked. Very cool.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. The ride home wasn't.
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