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Some studious chauffering, IBM work, Bloody Mary's, some pool, and karaoke...

Robert clipped this comic for me, which is totally apropos with regards to my "office" down at Helios:

I drove Irene to Greenville, where we met Andrew, his total-hunk-o-man roommate and his girlfriend for lunch at a Moe's Diner. Actually, Irene and I had tortillas and con queso cheese dip while we waited for them to arrive. I left shortly after they arrived, leaving her in their able hands.

We had a "fun" drive from Raleigh to Greenville, with me reading my grad school reading assignments out loud and both of us trying to make sense of them, which we only partially managed to do. The ride back in solitude was uneventful; that is, if you don't call almost running out of gas an event.

Back in Raleigh, I stopped by my house to pick up my laptop and some other homework reading materials and headed over to Helios, where I met Joe for the afternoon.

I ended up doing mostly IBM work while I was there, though, instead of more grad school homework, and Joe worked on work-related tasks of his own.

A serendipitously-timed visit to Helios by Tom (bearzendurham), with his west coast visitor in tow, afforded me the opportunity to meet Joe (joebehrsandiego), who I've only seen in pictures. Sweet.

The entire time we were at Helios we had Hibernian's Bloody Marys on our minds, and eventually succumbed to the pressure, walking the half block to sit outside and imbibe. What a beautiful weather day again today.

We shared two appetizers for dinner (along with two Bloody Mary's each), and then headed over to Flex for some pool until karaoke started. Joe had a big performance night doing two songs he's done before—Piano Man and Margaritaville, and debuting a song he's been wanting to do for a while—Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, which he nailed.

We left right at about midnight.
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