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STC-Carolina Luau, class, and a fun night of pool...

Today was the STC-Carolina Membership Drive Luau, and I actually had a good time there. A girl named Wendy, who is a graduate of our MS program, was there and she and I and Andrew (our STC Co-President) sat together.

The thing that made this event a Luau was the decoration and dress theme (mostly of just the people who put it on), not the food. But the food was quite yummy—chicken fingers from Chick-fil-A, three different kinds of chicken wraps, a fruit medley, with the main dessert being cheesecake. It was all good.

We played a fun game with seven small bags folded closed and stapled shut. We had to guess what was in each of the bags by feeling them, shaking them, and anything else we wanted to do with them except open them.

My Guess
Actual Contents

hole punch






spiral notebook calendar

spiral notebook calendar

refill box of staples

pack of Post-it® Notes

scotch tape

scotch tape

small manual pencil sharpener

Dang it; I can't remember
what this one was!

I think the candle was "pushing it," in terms of the office supplies theme. In terms of specificity, it worked out nicely for the spiral-bound notebook/calendar, but for the Sharpies, not so much.  Needless to say, with 2 out of 7 correct, I did not win. The winner actually got all seven correct.

I left there at 7:00 to make my 7:30 Verbal Data Analysis class, which was more application than theory tonight, which was welcome.

I met Joe at Flex at 9:30, and when I arrived, he was talking to his ex-neighbor, Mark, who I'd met once before and always confuse with this guy named Will who Joe used to work with. At any rate, Mark was with his boyfriend Ken, and we ended up playing several games of fun, fun, fun partners pool.

While playing, this guy named Bill started talking with us. He was a nice guy, here on business from Pennsylvania. He could do some talking, but was a nice guy overall, and over the course of the evening, I found out that he was Irish-Catholic, and had lost two brothers—one at 7 to Leukemia and another at 33 from a fall down a staircase during a fight with his wife.

Bill left at about 11:30, Mark and Ken left around 12:30, just before the show started, and shortly after the show started, Joe and I went to The Borough for a much-needed, alcohol-absorbing snack.

I had to sit in my car, at just past 2AM, for 20 minutes waiting for my hiccups to stop. No occifer, I have not been drinking!
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