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Beautiful weather, organization fair on the Brickyard, class, and dancing...

Today was such a beautiful weather day. The NC State Organization Fair, where all of the student groups and organizations that exist on campus can advertise their group, was held on the Brickyard today.

I took the Wolfline bus there, where I staffed an STC table, along with our Membership Manager, Michelle.

As I mentioned, the weather was just unbelievable—it must have been in the high 70s, low 80s the most. What a welcome relief in the midst of the close-to-100° days we've been having. Additionally, our table was in the shade of a beautiful tree, among about 20 tables the made a square around it.

Somewhat ironically, the table to our immediate left belonged to the "Students Against Distorted Images" group. And just around the corner from both of us, sort of catecorner to us, was, arguably, the most-visited table of the entire group of about 66 organizations represented out there today.

And that table belonged to NCSU's Herpetology Club. They had several, some quite large, snakes that people took turns holding and let crawl around various parts of their bodies.

At one point, one of the girls staffing the College Democrats table, which was adjacent to the Herpetology Club table, had a thick red and black diamond-back snake that had slithered its way all around her neck and back down an arm said, "Uh... can someone get this thing off me?"

Our organization is mostly geared toward graduate students, and whenever some undergrad stopped at our table asking what our group did, and before I could finish two sentences either rolled their eyes at the thought of the sheer boredom of it all, or verbalized their horrid disinterest, I would just stop and point and say, "There's snakes over there."

"Oh, shiny objects!" the thought bubble over their heads said. And off they went, like moths drawn to a light bulb.

I did homework between 2 and 5:30, and attended Rhetoric of Science and Technology class from 6:00-7:15. Class was pretty good again tonight; Brian did a great job of summarizing the message board discussion questions and facilitating the class discussion on the comments.

I made us Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight, along with some fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Dancing was fun enough tonight.
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