DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

TCW Board Meeting and Karaoke...

Today was the first day of ISO Auditor Training, and it was a good class. "Rich," on my team is quite a sexy man, in his "messed-up-hair-I-don't-care-what-I-look-like" kind of way. His mantra for the day was, "It's a major!" (referring to the grade of an ISO non-conformity). Paula was the other person on my team for the day. She's a pleasure.

We got out of class at about 4:10, and I dropped Paula off at B510 on my way out. I had a 5:00 hair appointment with Thomas. I arrived right at 5:00, but he wasn't there. He and Heather had gone to grab a bite to eat. He arrived at about quarter after, and didn't have my mail with him that I asked him to bring me from Azalea Drive. I must say that I was not surprised one bit.

He showed me the hottest picture of Joe Millionaire, in an ad of him in a bathing suit as a modeling job. What a basket. The pages of the magazine were falling out, it had been passed around the salon so much.

I came home after the haircut, and showered before the board meeting. I arrived at CUCC at about 6:45.

We had a good meeting. Robert M. was present, and I think he has good board potential. Glenn G. came (late), and spent way to much time trying to get his Powerpoint presentation projected up on the wall. He finally got it together, though, did a good presentation, and left us with some things to think about. I really like him in spite of his excessive interest in what he looks like.

I went to Flex afterward to see a little of Tuesday night Karaoke. Jeff was there, playing pool, and I chatted with him a little. Andre showed up after a while, and as Joseph "showed some interest in me," once again told me about his being a drug addict and a mooch. Joseph seems to have no recollection of the "New York Times" t-shirt exchange we had several months ago.

I left there at about 10:45. At home, I read my "Chapter Six" assignment for class tomorrow, and worked on a crossword puzzle for a little while before lights out.

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