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Homework, some thank-you cards, some money in the mail, and conking out...

I spent way more of my day than I thought I would today doing homework for my Rhetoric of Science and Technology class. The articles we have to read are interesting for the most part, but often tedious to read, process, and then compare and contrast theories presented in each, which essentially is what we have to do for our electronic discussion board assignment for each class.

I took a break long enough to write out two Thank You cards, one to my Aunt Vivian and Uncle Nib and the other to my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Terri, thanking them for treating my parents and me to that clam boil (so mouth-wateringly preserved on 'film' here). I included copies of that picture in each thank-you note, along with the other 5 we took outside the restaurant as we were leaving.

I got a nice surprise in the mail today, a check for $152.60 from the Public School Forum of NC. This was for the seminar the I put on with my sister and Clyde at the NC Teaching Fellows Junior Conference (whose write-in feedback comments I enumerated a couple of days ago), and was comprised of a $75 honorarium with the remainder for travel reimbursement.

Yesterday, I received notification from NC State, that since that one class of mine (ENG 583: Verbal Data Analysis) was corrected to reflect that I'm taking it as an independent study class (i.e., 2 credits instead of 3 credits), my tuition for the semester was reduced by $761.47! And since I've already paid it, it will be arriving in the mail as a refund. Sweet!

Since things are supposed to come "in threes," I'm expecting something (anything) in the mail this week with some unexpected money in it.

After devising and posting three discussion board responses, I made the mistake of moving to the couch to read the final three (short) readings, where, after probably 10 minutes, I was reading the back of my eyelids instead.

I woke up at 9:30, and I moved from the couch up to the bed.
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