DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Catching up with Steve...

We had an EAGLE Officers Meeting after work today. Cheryl had to cancel at the last meeting. I made it clear that I need to be out of this communications role by the kickoff meeting, which is not looking good right now with 9 RSVPs. Also, the nominations for new officers is not looking good, though, both Jon and Deanna said they would continue on in their roles until we got some new folks. That, at least, is encouraging.

I met Steve at his house at about 6:30, and we went to El Dorado's in Garner for dinner. I didn't eat any chips and salsa before the meal, asked for the sour cream on my taco salad to be put on the side, and then didn't eat any of that. I felt pretty good about eating out there when all was said and done.

Steve and I, as usual, talked a mile a minute, passing the baton often enough to satiate each of our extreme extroverted needs.

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