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Lazy Daze and the NCGLFF...

Amazing SIX-Year-Old Singer

I met the Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement (Yay! We finally have at least a "splash page" of a web site!) team in downtown Cary for Lazy Daze, one of the biggest one-day arts and crafts extravaganza in the country.

Not being a shopper in general, or very interested in arts and crafts in particular, for me this was mostly a "teaming event." There were, literally, hundreds of booths, and after about the tenth pottery booth, the eighth jewelry booth, the twelfth "fine art" booth, and the third "gourd art" booth, I started looking exclusively at the booth owner to see if 1) he was a guy, and 2) if so, if he was hot.

Two streets were closed off for this event, which extended up and down Chatham Street and down part of Academy Street. At one point, I was at the intersection, the "hub" of it all, if you will, and a lady reached the intersection coming from having checked out all the booths on Academy, and said to the person she was with, sort of standing on tip toes and peering down the one side of Chatham, "I wonder what's down there."

I so had to bite my tongue from saying, "Uh, pottery, jewelry, fine art, and gourds?"

As shallow as it all sounds, it's the truth, that by the end I'd grown bored even with the booth owner assessments, and was looking a "hot young daddies" pushing their kids around in strollers, assessing, "I wonder if he's an MSM behind his family's back."

Robert and I saw two films at the 12th Annual NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival at the Carolina Theater in Durham.

The first movie was just okay, not horrible, but way not great. It was called Back Soon. I liked the premise of the movie, but the acting was "uneven" at best (one of the two main actors much better than the other), and the ending just sucked. That is, it was a Hollywood ending.

Movie synopsis: Back Soon follows the relationship between Logan and Gil, two men who find themselves inexplicably drawn together despite their disparate backgrounds. However, their bond is soon threatened by Gil’s mysterious past and a startling revelation about their connection.

One of the saving graces of this film is that, to me, both of the leads were good-looking, sexy men. But I digress, once again, into shallowness...

The second movie we saw was Outing Riley, and it was, perhaps, the best film I've seen at the festival in the many years I've been attending.

Movie synopsis: An Irish-Catholic family learns that the youngest son is gay.Self-accepting Bobby Riley, a Chicago architect, tells us right off the bat he's gay. He has three militantly straight brothers, and only his sister knows the truth. Now that both their parents are dead, his sister pressures Bobby to tell his brothers. Bobby and his live-in boyfriend would like nothing more than to drop the charade Bobby maintains with his lesbian pal. But when Bobby does spill the beans,his brothers assume due to his regular-guy demeanor that he's kidding.Besides, they're meat and potatoes Irish-Catholic, so Bobby simply can't be gay. But, everybody, it turns out, has a secret.

This movie was well-produced, intelligent, funny, and poignant. I'm not sure if it's playing "Après Festival," but if it is it's worth the trip to Durham to see it. If not, then when it becomes available on DVD, it'll certainly be worth a rental or purchase.

Robert and I both loved ending our limited indulgence in this year's festival with such a great film. Thanks for treating this year, my sweet!

I had absolutely no plans of going out tonight, but Joe checked in at about 9:00 and twisted my arm a centimeter or two. It was Bear & Cub Contest 2007 night at Flex, as as always, I'm conflicted about totally accepting your own body image and knowing what's a healthy body.
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