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A straight ally, orientation prep, dinner@Olive Garden w/Joe, a stool, a nap, and a show...

Arguably, Jon Stewart is America's Best "Straight Ally" to the gay community.

Robert and I slept in this morning—as well we should have after last night.

I spent a couple of hours at Helios this afternoon, most of which time I spent creating my presentation to be given tomorrow night as the incoming president of the student community of the STC at "new student orientation."

There are approximately 15 new students entering the Master of Science in Technical Communication program, all of whom we'd like to join STC@NCSU.

I met Joe at the Olive Garden at Crossroads, where I enjoyed at free dinner at the expense of a gift card that he had. Our waiter was a young kid who was as adorable as he was awkward.

I stopped at Target afterwards to look for a bench for the Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement, and ended up with an ottoman that opens up—we can store food inside of it, since we're always eating, and the underside of the cover is a mirror, which we can use to make sure we have no food stuck between our teeth.

I read some more of Owen Meany tonight, but fell asleep before finishing it. I'd hoped to finish it tonight, but the reality is that I still have about 200 more pages to go. It's over 600 pages of small print, which I mentioned way back when I started it—trying to obtain a copy in large print, which unfortunately, does not exist.

I'm meeting Kevin and Kurt at Legends for the 12:30 show. Wish me luck.
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