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Carolina Beach Weekend—Day 3

Breakfast was at 9:00 again today, and this time it was coffee, orange juice, blueberry muffins, green grapes, scrambled eggs and two strips of bacon. It was all good.

After breakfast, we packed and were ready to be out of the room by 10:00, but left our stuff in the room until check-out time at 11:00. In the meantime, we sat out on the porch where Robert finished A is for Alibi, a book he'd started reading there on Friday, and I read read some of Owen Meany.

It was incredibly, incredibly beautiful at the beach today. Sitting on the upstairs porch, we enjoyed the 79° temperature, and a constant gentle breeze—the kind of days in your mind when you imagine living at the beach in retirement. Heavenly.

We had an uneventful ride home, and once there, I uploaded and organized the pics from the weekend:

Robert Sitting on the Porch of The Beacon House

A Public Access Just Across the Street and to the Left

The Ocean Hiding Behind Sea Oats

More Oats and Ocean

Some Three-Quarters-of-a-Million Dollar Oceanfront Condo Units

John Enjoying Extended Happy Hour

The iPod and the Bose Docking Station DJing Happy Hour

Robert Reading During Happy Hour

Robert Reading Later During Happy Hour

This Sign Cracked Me Up, Because (knowing zero Spanish) I Thought It Said, "No Liquids Gentlemen"

A Cooler, Gloomier Moment at the Beach

A Windier, Wavier Moment at the Beach

The Mostly Social Book Club met tonight, sans Mary, at Barnes & Noble at the Streets of Southpoint. We discussed my book, Lucky in the Corner, and it was a pretty neat discussion.

Afterwards, we caught up on each other's lives.

I met Joe at Flex for Scareyoke. We played a game of pool against each other, and then one against Matt and Skylar, who asked us if we wanted to play partners against them.

We ended the evening at Shanghai Express, where I ate half of my Ginger Chicken with Snow Peas and Broccoli, and brought the other half home for lunch or dinner tomorrow.
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