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Out and about...

Worked on my address book for my Tour de Friends home page.

Joe came over at 1:00, and we went for a 9-mile bike ride at Lake Johnson. Those toe-clips are really taking some getting used to.


- Today I rode with my friend Joe, who is also doing the tour with me.

- We rode the same route that I rode yesterday at Lake Johnson – a total of 9 miles.


- It’s going to be hard to chat while riding, since we’re going to be riding in single file.

- Having to start off holding a pole or a tree every time is not fun, nor is it practical. Today I wore different shoes, tennis shoes with a smaller girth at the toe. That made it easier to get in and out of the clips, but I still couldn’t do it without holding onto something.

- A lot of coordination is necessary, especially in these early stages of getting familiar with the bike. You have to watch where you are, anticipate the path ahead, shift gears on both handles depending on incline, break mostly with the right hand, slow down appropriately for the sharpness of the curve, etc. Whew!


- Those bones in my butt, but only for about the first half-lap. At the end of the ride, my neck was a little sore again.


- Glad that Joe came over to ride, as I may have blew it off if he hadn’t.

- Accomplished afterward.

- Gaining confidence in my ability to control the bike.

- Looking forward to the organized training rides starting in March.

I napped from 4:00 - 5:30, then met Joe, Dale, and Ben at Flex, and watched them play pool for about a half-hour. I met their friends John and Andy.

I met Jay at Rock-o-la for dinner and totally overate. Grrrrrrrr.

Robert helped me complete a crossword puzzle over AIM.

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