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These guys do get pretty tickled over this! (And you can't really blame them.)

My sister has a cameo appearance in this video podcast. (It takes a little while to "transfer" before you can start playing it.)

She's at a little over a third of the way through—she's after these four speakers: Dr. Rhea Miles, Dr. Mike Bosse, Crystal Keener, Dr. Jamin Carson, and before these three: Dr. Patricia Clark, Dr. Katie O'Connor, Dr. Linda James.

On the corner of her desk, you can see her ECU Tiffany lamp, which is only one of a thousand potpourri of purple and gold baubles and accoutrement about her office.

I'll Wait and Give It to the Kid

Lady hobo: Hey, y'all, I'm homeless and I'm three months pregnant, and I'm looking for some help from the people of this train, so if anybody got some money they want to give, please help me take care of my baby.

College girl with change: I'll give you this money if you're saving up for an abortion.

Lady hobo: What? Nooo, I'm keeepin' my baby.

College girl, putting change away: Okay, then.

Lady hobo: Wait, what?

—F train

via Overheard in New York, Aug 10, 2007

I worked from home today.

After work, I rode over to Helios and hung out for a while—being somewhat of a productive citizen.
At one point on the way to Helios, I saw a girl up ahead on the sidewalk carrying three plastic bags full of groceries in each hand, each arm stretched low by her sides with the weight. Her head was tilted so far down to her left shoulder, as if the bags in that hand were so heavy they were calling on even her neck muscles to help out, such that it looked like her ear was touching her shoulder. As I drew near I saw that she had a cell phone pinched up in there and was just yammering away.

When I got to Helios, I gave Kevin (av8rdude) a ring. "Hey, I'm setting up over at Helios if you want to join me."

With lots of background noise that sounded like he was in a lab or something, he said, "Well, I'm in Milwaukee, so it's kind of far."

On the way home, I stopped at K&W before going to the grocery store, so I wouldn't be hungry when I did. I had their baked spaghetti with a tossed salad and some green beans. It was all good.

At home, I removed purple grapes from the bunch and washed and rinsed them. 

I separated the eight hot dogs into four foil-covered pairs, and separately wrapped six skinless, boneless chicken breasts—all of which went into the freezer.

I checked my e-mail and then settled in for a night of reading A Prayer for Owen Meany.

The countdown is on—9 more days until school starts.



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