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An energy action day, a delightful visit over coffee, and car troubles...

For goodness sakes, folks!  Take some pictures of your loved ones, so you don't have to use one like this one in their obituary:

I did my part with regards to IBM's Energy Action Day—of which today was one, as is the rest of this week with the projected temperatures—and worked from home.

I signed up for an Editing for Quality (EFQ) Confirmation meeting next week, as it's been so long since I've been to one that I need a refresher.  Also I need some clarification to some process steps, which are described as follows:

"For the next confirmation meeting that you attend, get a copy of the marked-up draft and EFQ report from the primary editor. Follow steps 1 through 4 for the confirming editor in “Confirming the EFQ score” on page 13. Attend the confirmation meeting, but do not discuss your ratings with the other editors until after they agree on the ratings. The primary editor will run your agreement score and send it to you and the EFQ coordinator."

My confusion stems from those steps 1-4 that are pointed to, as one of them says to "Make notes in the report to help you determine a rating and to support your rating in the confirmation meeting." Seems to me you already have the person's rating from which you got the marked-up draft and the EFQ report.

It can't be good when the quality of the instructions on how to ensure quality are of poor quality. But I digress...

I completed a short edit on the preface of an Information Center for Christie today, and I sent an e-mail of introduction and offer to edit to an adjunct employee in Atlanta.

I left my house at about 4:50, and when I started up my car, it hesitated a little. At the office on campus, I waited for Patti to finish up a meeting, and when we got into my car to head down to Helios, it wouldn't start.  Click. Click. Click.

Patti graciously drove us to Helios where I passed delightful time with her.  We talked intellectually about life.  Thought-expanding stuff. Good stuff.

Back at the parking lot, my car still wouldn't start, so I called AAA. With a promised "rescue" by 10:06 (I would hope so since it was 8:15 when I called), I waited in the lobby of the First Year College Commons building, which houses our offices and where I had Internet access, as well as access to soap and water to wash the black crud off my hands from feeling around under my hood—for God knows what reason, since I know absolutely nothing about what's under there.

By 10:10, they still hadn't arrived, and when I checked back in they said, "He's changing a tire and will be done in about 20 minutes."

"How far away from me is he?" I asked.

She couldn't tell me, and I said, "Well, I've already waited two hours, someone is on their way to pick me up—planned around your commitment to have someone here by 10:06—so I'm going to have to cancel this and reschedule it in the morning."

We were surprised at two things at Scareyoke tonight: 1) to find Lauren there, and 2) that Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt never showed up. Other than that it was BAU.
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