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29 years ago today, some IBM work, and Scareyoke...

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Chapel
Camp Lejeune, NC

29 years ago this evening at 7:00PM, I was entering this church to walk down the aisle to say, "I do."

And I did—for 16 years.

Robert and I got up at about 9:00 this morning, and we had coffee and sausage biscuits for breakfast while poring—with back-to-back laptops—over the morning news online.

I spent most of the day today doing IBM work, in preparation for a meeting tomorrow.  Snore. Snore.

During a "creativity break," I devised and submitted this sentence to onesentence.org.

Financially Savvy

My healthy retirement fund is due primarily to the fact that my mother explained to us—to the penny—how much she saved per week by buying ice cream sandwiches in bulk, and instead of sending us out to the road, handed each of us one from our freezer at the exact same time the music-blaring ice cream truck passed in front of our house.

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I'm bound and determined to get published on that site. So far, including this one, I'm 0 for 4.

I met Joe at Flex for Scareyoke, and it actually wasn't that scary. We hung out mostly with Gerald, who sang, Who's your daddy? and Your Song tonight.

We went over to Legends for the show at 12:30, and it was pretty decent. The ever-popular Tina Turner and Reba McEntire were in the line-up tonight.
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